Monday, April 9, 2012

one hand typing

    Remember when kids were required to take typing in junior high? I was a horrible typist back then, but really honed in on my keyboarding skills by typing out paper after paper in college and grad school ( not to mention the drafts of two novels which are just waiting to be published).
   The one thing those typing classes failed to cover was one hand typing- the only kind of typing you can do with an infant in your arms.
   My son was born on Feb 2nd and since then life has completely changed around here. No matter how many books/ blogs/ magazines you read nothing can prepare you for that beautiful moment when your baby is placed in your arms for the very first time. You don't realize it then, but that moment is the defining moment of your life- you are this little guy's (or girl's) mommy and life, as you knew it, will never be the same.
  Obviously if you're reading this blog you are a mommy, are about to become a mommy, want to be a mommy, or you just love mommies- so you know that this new role is the better than everything that came before. Sure there are days (like today) when it's 4 o'clock and you haven't showered yet, but when your baby gives you one of those huge smiles, nothing else matters.

I've been a mamma for two months now and I have learned so much.
 Here are a few of the most important things:

1) Sleep when you can, and invest in good concealer.
     I didn't believe it when people told me how sleep deprived I'd be. Listen up ladies- it is true. An even if you have an amazing hubby like me, you will still walk around with bags under your eyes. So sleep whenever and wherever you can.  Cover those dark circles with some good quality concealer (you know I love the Bobbi Brown ones). When all else fails pop on some black, oversized sunglasses and channel your inner Nicole Richie.

2) You can't spoil an infant
    I am a strong believer in this one. We don't let our son just "cry it out" around here. We pick him up so he knows that mommy and daddy are here for him.  Honestly, one of the biggest accomplishments is realizing that you can comfort your baby.

3) Take lots of pictures but don't miss the moment.
   Ah the joys of digital photography. We can take ten thousand pictures in a day- and some days we really want to. But there are times when we need to put the camera down and enjoy the moment.

4) All else can wait
   As soon as all of our help left ( we were lucky enough to have family here for a month) I felt overwhelmed. How was I supposed to care for my little man AND do all the things I used to do. Suddenly just doing the laundry took four days.  After a few crying spells and heartfelt talks with my hubby, we realized that everything else can wait. So we do what we can to keep the house clean but we realize that it will never look like a museum. That's ok.

 Motherhood is a journey and I'm lucky enough to have a blog to document it all.  And I promise I will, even if I have to type with one hand.

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  1. I kept checking to see you when you would start writing on here again!!! and you are a great one handed typer....good stuff!!!